Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Senior High ;)

Salam Alaik & Bonjour people ! I'm back :D ..

                      " Senior High"

To be honest , the year 2013 was the most torturing , most worst  year for me as a Spm candidate but yet when it's all over , you'll notice that it was the hectic and crazy most thrilled year you've been through was filled with precious and long lasting memories ,that made all the small things matter .

Cherish your high school moments junior , make the best of it ! Haihh , how i miss the times where we all fought like fools ,behave like children and went maniac like retards . Terlampau banyak kenangan pahit manis yang berlaku . Ada kalanya kita berpecah belah , tapi pada akhirnya kita bersatu , dari renggang ke rapat.. dari jauh ke dekat...all happened  at this special year . Ingat lagi waktu stay up smpai pkul 1, 2 sama tiqo, nabsya , paje  study chemist , tage taha (sangat bersungguh - sungguh) and Alhamdullillah the results we're good . Hahahaha , kami gila gila time tu , we even had a secret place to study :)

Then during our class shooting for the komsas movie.. That made me laugh a lot.... Hahahaha , we were all like one big family . Beta family :') eventhough banyak gaduh pasal watak and props semua... It was one heck of a experience....Beta malar kena bilang racist ni.. Hahaha, terlalu semangat kelas ba time tu.... adui... funny...malar (selalu) ba afnan ambil topik "hot hot" pastu ajak classmate bahas. Hahahaha, tapi malar juga kena krik - krik .But it's a good way to remember things though, especially for sejarah , chemist , biology and physics, Beta kelas paling bising , paling suka merayau and air - cond yang paling sejuk ~~ tapi sekali sorang nyanyi dlm tu kelas habis bersambung lagu - lagu lain ~ Hahahaha. Kelas Ustaz Zafrul lagi tu.

Oh ya , I was called the ''acronim" girl cause I remember a lot of facts by using acronims and I love using them especially for the science subjects and sejarah too . I like to invent new acronims and pick random friends for me to explain to them :) This is how we study , helping yourself by helping others :3 Weeee , I miss studying ... fyi , salah satu hobi saya ialah belajar... Hee , my acronims are quite detailed and kinda hard to explain by just writing to you , I need to show it...maybe next time okay ? other than that , I like this method,  it is when one of us take a step to explain things on the whiteboard by doing charts or draw pictures , and they would explain it to us over and over again until everybody understands . paling best explain benda benda mcm ni malar pyquk , afnan , Ais sama Aina Farzana :3 Classes are just temporary dividers , tapi kami semua mingle .. saling tolong - menolong antara satu sama lain.. No solo solo , everyone shared on how to easily understand some topics or how they remembered , yang paling penting , we all supported each other :')

Kalau dulu kami malar (selalu) makan malam.. me , my sis , dedeyl , aisyah and tati . Hahahaha . after light off lagi tu, Gelap gelap makan with my little lamp . Hahaha , nasi goreng , mi sup, pizza, mee rojak.....and lots more. Parents bagi makanan during their visit , but no time to eat , schedule too packed..and yeah eventually that's when my weight gained a lot .______.  Erk.. Busted(kantoi) sudah ...Hahahaha. and then we'll study together on the floor with our pillows , tapi kalau nampak ustazah rokiah (warden) kelam kabut tapuk (sembunyi) or cepat cepat naik katil ! Hahahaha. This is just funny , reminiscing the old memories.

Masa SPM lagi la , punya main banyak cabaran , Fuhhh... Everything was like mental i tell you , semua stress macam apa seja (shj) , Hahaha tapi yg best asrama is ours to conquer! *evil laughs..Hahaha..ingat lagi bila outing patak (komgsi) duit mau beli cd tgk sama- sama . Hahaha, pastu malam malam ndak (tak) dpt tidur...berkain batik , jacket segala ..masak maggi pastu tgk movie hntu....sama ustazah lagi tu time..nasib esoknya free tiada paper. Di mana ada makanan , di situlah kami semua ada, bosor (kuat makan) ba semua time SPM... Hahaha, blame the stress , it encourages you to eat and eat.... I tell you..those were the times. *Sigh . I miss everything

Then there was Frsis , the international symposium at SSP . It is a great programme , you'll get to meet new people from other sbp's and you could learn a lot about how to save our mother earth . Well , eventhough something terrible happened during that time of the year , but with that event it shows how much my friends love amd cares about me , they've got my back . Remembered when I cried saying that I told my friends that I wanted to transfer schools . Direct Lala,Bebet peluk aku crying , then ramai - ramai group hug  . Then  afnan naik angin mau (nak) tumbuk tu perempuan that made me so miserable . Hahaha then banyak boys yang backup , Terharu gila time tu , this is what we call friendship , They stick to you no matter what happens. Now...... You're going to see the storyline of pictures *snap *snap . They tell everything .

 Nadia Amira , Syafiqah Rusdin , Activeanna . Three short besties :3

 Adorable Laili and Fatina 

 We're cuzzies

 Patrina and Joanne :)

 Paling rindu ni anak , Siti Aisyah binti Mohd Aliiiiii

 Imrannnn :D

 Pyjut and Ester :3

 Sujiee and Fiza 

 Ketua aspuri & KR TDM

 Aisyah & Eleen 

Deani .... or is Diana ... they're twins !Soryy teda (tiada) gmbr mereka brdua

 Tiqo and paje :3
 Dedeyl and me 

 Wawanyangggg <3


 Anati :3

 Clarice , gadis dusun terakhir ~~ baju batch kami warna sama :p

 Activeanna , Exo all the way.. I love her .

 These adorable dudes , Kamal Bustami & Erick Miseh

 Les Boys of smesh B)

 Big sis , The Lovely Farah :3

 Perezkovvvv ,malar selfie , gila  sama - sama . 

 This adorable girl is named Ester and I miss her :'(

 Shooting masa balik bermalam at my house .

 Astaga , sempat lagi ni boys berselfie dalam kereta bapa aku 

 Iklan jual air with cutie Aina Farzana :3

 He's hygenic...sanitizer pleasee ~! Hahaha , my bestguyfriend .

 Tanjung Aru Beach , for shooting "last scene"

At  Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka , collaboration with Tunas 

 Pyquk and Syafiqah Rusdin 

 Director and writer berkaliber , We won the best movie :)

 Group hug girlfriends ~!

 Tam , Nama sebenar dia pun Nadia ! Hahah. Nadia with Nadia :3

 Wan , reitz and imran

 Fahmi marius

 Perez , Datu , Fekree and Kamal

 Dera and Abby buiii :3

 Girlfriendsssssssss <3

 Twinies , We've got each other backs . Missing her 

 Dera , she's adorable and very very pretty . Adore her

 Representatives from Smesh for FRSIS

 SQL - ians

  Me and Que , The big dayyy 

  I know , I'm just too short ._.

 Pyqukkk , banyak ajar dan nasihat aku . Love her 

Betarians , Not all are here though :'(

0913 & 1317 , J'dore them 

 '' We don't remember days , we remember moments , treasure them in your heart "

That's all for today , write again soon .Don't miss me :p Hahahaha.


  1. wahhhhhh nadia ! seronok betul iqin bace this story. mesti syok gila school kat sana. arghhh, jeles! hahahaha ^__^

  2. wah..terharunya nadia ada nama saya,...wahahaha..-tiqo