Thursday, 30 October 2014

Honour for the heart

Doesn't it make you wonder ? One a single smile, a simple text , a smiley , a voice, a song makes all sorts of feelings come out.

It has been a while since I stopped writing, and well here I am ..... Once again, writing everything the things that come to my mind. I miss this, I miss writing.... and now on this night , I decided to take up the courage and write again. Thank you , you've succeed in slowly transforming to my old self after all that I've gone through. Thank you so much ,  your sincere love is my inspiration. Thank you . There is a saying , where it says "Time will heal , just be patient". It took quite some time to heal I might say. Even though , it heals . There will be a scar as a remainder for what's done is done. You survived and became stronger, turned into a brick .. a feeling-less drone that kept a frightened girl cooped up inside and now she's overcoming her doubts and fears to move forward. You gave something special to her , and she'd bloom, smiling lovingly.

She wants to show her gratitude to you. She wants to show the world to you, she wants to bring you happiness. A smile from your family and loved ones is just breath taking , there you are staring at them smile and you didn't even realize that you were smiling too. Their appearance in your life just lifts your will and mends your heart. Their happiness equals to your happiness. That is what we call sincerity . You don't hope for a after-effect . All you want is just to show how much you adore and cherish them . These kind of things can only be felt by a good heart . They love you as much as they love themselves and maybe more. They have something many people lack , something special in them .

I forgot how to give with all my heart, Giving with your heart is when you prioritize  the ones you care about so much until when they smile, all of your sorrows instantly fades away , the impossible became possible and you will find yourself smirking alone by just remembering  them, you'll feel really hurt when you miss them and just laugh at their childish attitude and not so funny jokes. You forgive them easily although they annoy you and make your life miserable. You avoid fights with them because they  are much more valuable to lose than a meaningless fight.

They occupy a special place in your heart that can't be disturbed. They'll stay there eternity . Loving and caring you silently from a distance. Watching on every move you take . Patiently waiting for the right time to approach, thus their love is growing for you each day. Although , it isn't portrayed in words nor action. Take a minute and look into his eyes, you can see how much they mean to him. Everyone has moments when they just can't think of the right word to describe what they want to say. Sometimes, you can feel their heart talking to yours, saying .. hey, i miss you.

When you miss someone, make a dua to Allah to ease their work, to give him success in the world and after life. That is what I always do. 

Sometimes you're just too scared too talk or to act , because you're afraid that anything you do or say will hurt them. You love them too much . But hurt is inevitable, because it's a part of love. Love is not all about happiness . It's about sadness, sacrifice, honesty, faith. Love is everything as long as you believe . It's about working together, understanding each other. 

Until then , Assalamualaikum.