Friday, 2 January 2015

Begin Again

To stay or leave , to give up or to stand strong is entirely your choice. You can just let go of all the pain you've suffered and just go, run from everything.... But have you ever had a tiny voice in your head... softly saying  "Please....stay"

Everyone has their own fight, Their own visions , their own dreams. 

Honestly, it hurts to see your family and friends go down a dark hole , or fell from a bump in a road. Everyone had their good and bad times and that is inevitable. Perceptions and the way of thinking are all different from one another. We just have to be open minded and more patient. Always take in a positive way and learn from those experiences.

When you disagree to an opinion, try to open up a new chapter.  See it from a different view , a different scope. Trust me , you will find it easier to understand . And in certain situations, it may bring you a new experience , a new story and a new perception . It is not easy ya know, to feel what other people are going through, to understand people , to make them happy ,to be the best for them. Life isn't easy, The world isn't beautiful as the little me imagined it. It wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. Rainbows turned into thunderstorms and butterflies turned into monsters.

Life is unfair. We humans determines either we want make it better or worse. So which side are you on? Be grateful that you are blessed with such a beautiful family and wonderful friends, make every moment count .I assure you, there will be no regrets.

Look around, there are so many people that loves and care for you. Don't lose hope. When there is faith there is also hope. Be strong and let out a hand, they are there for you. Help you to stand up strong and walk foward. It's not about how long you are with them, It's about how you spend your time with them.

I wish  anyone who stumbles on this post to stay happy, stay positive, smile more, stay connected and stay safe and healthy .

Till then, Assalamualaikum wbt :)