Thursday, 8 May 2014

Forgive me ?

Salam Alaik & Selamat sejahtera  to every single being that had the time to visit this blog .
First of all , Thank you ...just thank you for reading , I feel appriciated when you guys read my entries :'3

Hehe . I'm getting a little tad emotional right now. 

So tonight , I just want to be a writer with a message that may make you ponder the little things in life , the things you'd pass through , the past decision you made and who you become today.

Have you ever had the moments where you just ponder and think about what you have gone through in life , all the memories , all the joys , the heartbreaks , the silly mistakes and things that you can't just let go off? May I ask you something...was there a time in your life where you wanted to make other people happy  even if it was to sacrifice your own happiness ? Yes. I had experienced it .

"Sometimes It's just better to break it off then to build a rainbow " I acknowledge that every human in their right mind would want people around them to be always happy . I was one of these people once and I got hurt , stomped , lied and suffered just to see the people around me happy . But I didn't realised  .... if i was smart enough to realise , that they will be very happy if I was happy too. Just think... If you're mother knew that her happiness was making her child suffer , would she be really happy ? If our friends knew we we're hurting inside because of them , would there be smiles on their face ? .........Didn't you see that sacrificing yourself sometimes made them hurt even more ?

I've learned to make risky moves . Eventhough I know I will hurt them with my decision, but please understand that what I'm doing now is better for us all . When you decide , think of the future, think ahead. Will you break their heart now and in  future vision  , it will do good to both of you  or will you let this fantasy of "fairytales" continue till it will complicate things for you both and ending up breaking both of your hearts. Think wise my friends, think of a win - win situation, where you'll both get eternal and precious happiness.

There are two ways to break it to people, you either have to "pull off the band aid" or "sip a cup of tea". If it was me, I would follow the situation ,but I would usually use "sip a cup of tea" where I'll slowly break it to them . I know the feeling of "hurt and crushed feelings " won't subside. But I hope I won't be remembered being so mean and a heartless girl. 

To be honest , we are all actually heartbreakers. I have never met someone that has never made someone sad or dissapointed, you want to know why? Because.... humans aren't simply perfect . He who creates the world, the sky and everything is the Only perfect one .

In this world , there is only two types of people. The good and evil ones. If they we're only good and angelic people in this world , then what is the purpose of living ? They're must be these people who brings you down and feels pleasure in watching you cry and fall. These are the tests for us my dear ,they teach us how failure tastes like, to help us build a stronger faith and a hardcore spirit that lies deep within all of us. He will tests you with various harships and obstacles , just to see if you'll get closer to him or just ran more further into darkness. With these , we will learn to love , appriciate ones that matter  and act the rightful way on the true path of heaven.

I , Nadia Amira Binti Mohamed Nasir would like to apologise deeply from this humble heart as a "sister" to all that was with me for the past 17 years of life. I'm truly sorry , i made have made some unforgivable decisions for us both to win in the coming future . No one has the pleasure to break people's heart in any kind of way . Attentionally or inattentionally . Forgive me my fellow brothers and sisters for my sins towards you and all the bad things that I have done. I am only a dwarf and ignorant servant of Allah the Almighty that has flaws and always does sins. May Allah repay your kindness if you choose to accept my apology.

"Ya Allah forgive us all for what we have done and guide us to your Jannah , Give your protection to all of my brothers and sisters around the world., Amin Ya Rabb"

Stay simple , stay humble , make the people you love smile as they have made you happy.

Signing off. Till then. Assalamualaikum.