Monday, 9 June 2014

Naturally attached

Salam Alaik and a Good afternoon

The beautiful bond that is connected with the hearts of the people we love . It's like when everything falls down like an avalanche , they come with the tools to fix our broken spirits to mend our aching heart. Their advises and support gives us strength to stand up and continue our journey . They make us smile without even realising that we did . They make us giggle and make our life filled with colours.  To be cared of and be loved is just the best feeling in the whole wide world . You just want to shout out to the world and just smile so wide and spread glitters of happiness to the world with your outstanding energy and cheerful aura to the ones near you .

Appriciate the ones that sacrifice for you. Think about how hard they worked to raise you into a young and educated young lady or gentlemen . The ones who made effort to make smile and laugh when you're down . Just love and be loyal to them. Give them the best  you can . Make them smile and just please make them happy. Just do it . In any relationship , we need to give and take . Eventhough you feel awkward with your mother or father , just try to open up . In Shaa Allah , they will be delighted and be so happy that their precious ones  took his or her time to show their loving side. 

Do you ever had the feeling of missing someone so badly ? ,that you feel the lump at your throat  and the ache at your chest. I didn't know that missing someone could be so painful . Wanting them right by your side and tell all of your stories to them , hug them. to tell that you miss and love them, ... Just do it , life is short to be ashamed and scared . Sometimes you just have to go and run out of the box and be a lunatic . Hahahahaha. Do something that you think you could never had done (I mean  the crazy but good ones la ) . I'm writing tonight to calm my feelings down. It's mixed up and having big and strong currents right now. I miss the calm and skyblue waves that flows gently touch the lips of the shore. This will past soon when i'm too busy with everything. But when I get my free time and just relax after a hectic day , the feelings just comes in and overwhelmes me with the memories , the distance .... everything. I can't describe it here.

I miss my own room , I miss my annoying and crazy little sister , I miss my parents joking around playfully , I miss my lil bro coming to me crying blaming abang cause he doesn't want to give the ps3 controller, I miss my cousin and noel funny stories, I miss his laughter and happy voice. I miss their smiles .  I just miss everything.  It's too unexplainable , too gigantic , to complicated of how much i miss everything. That's why I love keeping photos the old way, by printing them. because you'll remember the moments , you can see the smile , you can feel the feeling , you can just stare at it and laugh remembering the sweet scene you've played in your mind countless time. Have you ever thought that those most lovely memories were to bring down your tears one day? To laugh with tears is just funny and sad sometimes. 

Alhamdullillah , I am officially a mahasiswi. I'm studying in Kampus Uitm Puncak Alam and we just had our first kuliah today. One word. Tiring. Hahahaha.  As I head back to my house, the feelings just comes and comes and here I am stuck on this chair , writing everything out on my blog to give me a slightest bit of comfort. I called both of my parents to tell how was my day and that just made it worse. Hahahaha. I'm officially homesick and down . 

Someone told me " You have to be strong okay? Be tough and just punch down those difficulties away from your life. One day , you'll need to be more stronger than ever. Remember everything i told you" . It's the time where I prove that I'm a strong girl . To conquer the fear and stand strong before the lovely days come pouring down.  I will wait that one day when the happiness just pours down and everyone is just happy. No complicated feelings, no sorrow , no heartbreaks , just happiness. The day where all the fairytales came true and the happy endings prevailed.

When I miss someone , I don't blame the feelings . Feelings can't be controlled. It's the heart's languange . When it feels sick , it will send a signal . I think my heart is sick right now. Hahahaha. Don't ever forget their names in your dua when you miss them. Think of the memories you shared and the smiles you've made. It's not a bad thing too miss someone . Sometimes the other half is missing you too. 
It's not a wrong thing to admit you're missing someone , because deep down inside we all are just naturally attached.

I can't write further. I'm sorry. 

Goodnight and Assalamualaikum .