Sunday, 20 July 2014

Barakah Moments

Salam Alaik to my muslims brothers and sister & a fair welcome to my lovely friends.

Alhamdulillah , praise to Allah. We get to be in this Barakah month once again. Where , insyaAllah in every good deed we do (with sincere attention) has multiples pahala rewarded. I feel excited already!Hehehe.  Yesterday Teraweeh made my heart felt warm . I called my beloved parents and confessed that I love them and miss them so. They cried too. Awww , eventhough it is not my first time being away from my family. The feeling where you miss them , just never fades and it  haunts you in every edge of your so strong heart . It's is not a sin to confess to your parents or wrong, It is actually one of the good deeds that can strengthen your silaturrahim with your loved ones. If you're scared people will look you as a "manja" child , especially the ones that is always clinging to their parents. So be it , Ignore those insolent fools who doesn't know what they're missing. Family is everything . Don't be shy to tell that you love and care for them. Seriously, I've been through that phase... and It took quite a time for me to realize the importance of such a beautiful bond. Love and care for them while they are still with us. Make them proud of you. Setiap ibu bapa nak tengok anak - anak mereka yg berjaya. They want us to achieve success and live a happy life

This month is not like the other months we encountered.This month is where we put aside our differences to find serenity. Even how busy you are , please pray 5 times a day. Let it be a priority . Don't care how late you do it. Just force yourself to complete those 5 prayers . It will bring you wonders. The real breakdown is not when you're all stressed out and falling apart. It is when your solat is a mess and is not complete , there is something seriously wrong going on . Islam does not burden their followers , but we are the ones that assume and think it is a burden. If say you're too busy to go to a mosque and pray teraweeh in jemaah. You can perform it at home with your family or friends. Bear in mind that every little good deed you do , has it rewards. Take the Quran and read  a page after solat or read Al - mathurat when you have the free time. Then gradually increase your effort day by day. InsyaAllah. Whoever has the efforts to be close to Allah , Allah will come running towards them. Keep on on your Dua's for our unjustified brothers and sisters out there that has been killed ruthlessly and my deep condolences to the family members of the crew and passengers on the devastating news of the news on MH17. We are being tested now , we just need to keep calm and stay strong.

This month is passing. Weeks becomes days. Hours become minutes. Ramadhan is leaving us again. The same question will haunt each and everyone of us ...... will be blessed to meet Ramadhan again ? Then this is what one of my teachers thought me , eventhough we have only sweets on us. Give it to our friends and niat as a sedekah because when you give , InsyaAllah you will get back . The more you give , the more you get back . Another thing that I always do is "memenuhi hajat kawan" . Hehehehe. It brings smiles and happiness to them thus makes you feel a positive aura. 

Life and death is inevitable . We should prepare for it. Keep lifting your Dua's and don't stop making your amalan. Kita sebagai manusia tidak pernah terlepas melakukan dosa , tidak kira dosa kecil mahupun dosa besar. We should always Dua for the ones we love, the ones we care, our family, our friends , our teachers  Just pray and keep on praying , we can go through this together . Always strengthen your faith, day by day and never say you're quitting.