Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hidden past over again

Hey and Assalamualaikum readers.. bonsoir , comment allez-vous?

It's the last night for Ramadhan. I don't want Ramadhan to end....*cries. It comes and goes every year..and will we have another Ramadhan next year ? Wallahu'alam..

Hidden in a trance where you can only follow the vicious path called "Life" is one tough road. I can only establish a few in so little time . A hidden past can only remain hidden if it's untold. Before I write more , I may say this is a random entry where I can just express my troubled mind so if you're still intrested in reading, you may proceed :)

Yesterday , I was at the coast simply enjoying the breezy wind that's passing..I realised that sometimes in life.. you need to be determine and firm about your decisions that is good for you... you need to think wisely and decide because eventhough you like it or not , you're gonna be out there alone .You have to be dependable and strong. To hope is something common but to have faith in something that is impossible that is extra ordinary . Humans they tend to acknowledge things at first notice.

Please, to all people that are living. Appreciate people around you. Just make them smile once they'll cherish it so much . Don't you feel bizzare.. when someone cares for you so damn much even though you didn't do anything to them? That's called Love . It's not all "happily ever after" for all people . Those moments when everything just falls into place , well that's bullshit for me now . If you want something , you alone have to take the risk if there's obstacles in the way ..then it's your choice to back off or move on.

I know where I stand . I know i'm not admirable nor beautiful. I'm not intellegent and I have no talent. I'm just yet a simple young lady that is finding the true meaning of life . I'm not the girl who's is a shopaholic or those chicks  who are frenzied with fashion  high heels . I really prefer sneakers and I prefer simple attire than stylish , this excludes grand events okay.. Yes, I am abnormal and freaky and I'm limited . Guess that a bonus for my future husband in 8 years time . Lol. Simplicity is just too beautiful to me. But , I am easily emotional and yet really childish in a way. But only a few knows how my mind is really like. Don't ever judge a book by the cover people.

Well, It's 1.30 a.m in the morning , and I'm going back to my hometown in Johor Bahru tomorrow evening. I'm gonna miss Sabah so much. I really want Syafiqah Rusdin to hug me right now though, miss her so much.

Till then , Au revoir ~ !