Thursday, 30 May 2013


Salam Alaik and bonjour people :)

how have you all  been ? It's the holidays and yeah for sure you'd all feel free to your heart's content . I bet some of my friends are still enjoying the dream land on this beautiful morning . am I right ? That's normal for a teenager. hahaha . 

Do you ever get the feeling where you just want to runaway to a place and do anything that you wanted to do ? A day would be enough for me if I had the chance . I noticed that I have long gone abandoned my wishlist of things that  I wanted to do or achieve in my life , Since some time , i've been thinking to make another wishlist again but it's a risk of leaving myself unprotected . The desire to "expect" anything in life is a risk , everytime you're hoping too much on something or someone , you'd have those mixed emotions in you . And when you got hit or knocked cause you hope too much believe me , nobody I repeat ... nobody wants to feel that dumbfounded hurt feeling that makes you break inside . 

Hahahaha , but well that's life , accept it or leave it .
Don't have the mood . Write more later .
Assalamualaikum .

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sincerely , The end .

             Today as I woke up from a shimmering sunlight on my face and realized that I had slept on the sofa with my beloved cousin . I walked slowly to my room  step by step , consuming everything that has happened to me for the past month . Various feelings occupied my heart as one by one of the events passed through my mind , everything that has happened has given me a lesson to remember for life . I know none of us wanted this to happen , we were just having fun in our lives and then we got hit by reality . My fingers ironically types a song called " To Build A home " at the youtube search box . The melody of this orchestra song didn't filled my ears but my heart . It gives a sense of relaxation to me to enter my own world of hopes and dreams . A place where I can imagine anything that I desire and what not . It's kind of weird that how much you have been hurt , you will  still feel how your heart just drops and crashes into pieces . With everything normal that's happening in the house , the noises of brothers fighting , sounds of cuzzies chatter and giggle and there's me in my world .
 I calmed my feelings down and did everything normally , I'm a strong young lady and I know where I stand .   It is ridiculous to sulk and be unhappy all day along just because you bumped into a small bump in your life . I know I am going to get hard time in my life . But this time i have my friends to support me . I love you all . That's all for now . Assalamualaikum :]