Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Soar to the horizon & Sail the seas

Salam Alaik , hey there people.

I know it's been quite a while since i wrote , So here it is. I'm here at last.

I didn't write for quite a long time... cause I was too swept away with everything. The assignments , tutorials and lab reports, problems , tests and so much more.

And yes, this is going to be a random post where i express and calm myself to serenity.

Life has thrown a punched at me and hit me directly to the heart. Quite a powerful one i may say.*smirks .Sometimes i can just feel the motion all around me being fast fowarded by a remote control. Where i can slowly see the differences that has turned a innocent soul to a monster. A monster that seeks in perfection in the world . A monster that is too materialistic and blind enough to see what really matters in life. Not everyone was born with a strong heart ,but later in their life . They will experience everything and at that particular moment, a person changes. There's a quote saying "Pain changes people" . I have never believed the quote ever in my life .Until I myself,  have gone through it.and sadly yes, Pain does change people. To what it will become,that is a question you alone can answer.

We aren't  emotionless drones,.We're human. You dont have to act all tough and mighty everytime .It's okay to be not okay. Sometimes people are too harsh to just keep pushing someone. I'm not saying being supportive is wrong.Its just that...*sigh. We are human, we're not perfect . Not everyone is. Only the Al- Mighty is .we are just his servants in this temporary world. They are certain times , we should just hug a crying person and say..there, there....all is well, everything is going to be allright... You have done your best. There's still hope. than to rather say" try harder, you have been through this for how countless times,stay strong". Everyone has the right to break down, because sometimes they just need comfort . We all do,  Being tough and strong is tiring and challenging. You have to hide everything inside, just to act in front of your friends. It is normal to get down once a while, with the right way of supporting.They'll be back up on their feet in no time.

This is what I'm currently feeling , so yeahhh . I'll write more after the finals. See you then .

Good Luck to all whom needs it, Don't forget my name in your prayer and Assalamualaikum.