Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Guidance from Love

Salut (Hello in french) and Salam Alaik earthlings :3

How are you ? Hope you guys in a pink of health..before you proceed , let me a sincere smile from that moody face of yours . Come on people , smile ~~ hehe , janganla asyik nak murung je , you know that frown requires a lot of muscles than a sweet smile .. and adds wrinkles to your skin.. jadi korang semua kena senyummmmm , We live only once , be happy it's a choice :)

"Smile eventhough it's hurting"

That's it , kita sentiasa ada pilihan kt hidup ni ...... To be sad or to be happy .... jika kita sedih dan kecewa atas sesuatu perkara ... let it out , express those unwanted feelings far away by crying , hanging out with your friends , drawing , shouting out loud , singing ,  be crazy and so on. Because we're humans , kita tak akan pernah lepas dari perasaan sedih , sakit hati dan kecewa  even me... Itu semua lumrah hidup . And we people should learn to be not prejudice , If someone had a break - up or something bad happened to them , and we see them smiling.... and laughing. Don't judge them directly....... kita tak tahu ape perasaan diorng dalam hati ...only them and God knows. Setiap orang ada cara mereka sendiri untuk urus diri mereka . Kalau kita nmpk they move on too fast , well.... let them be... and you ask why... because they don't want to feel the terrible feeling that haunts and trapped them in loneliness..... and don't you ever felt that way too?......So , why do you still judge?.....

Take a moment and ponder.... would this little bump in my life matter in 5 years time? And...... why do I have to feel all of this .... Well, kita sedang diuji oleh pencipta kita wahai kawan - kawanku. Everything that is in this world is created for A reason, literally everything . Cuma kita tak sedar .. itu je . One thing that I've noticed about teenagers...ialah sesetengah antara mereka bukannya tak ambil peduli , cuma diorang tak "peka" with everything that is happening around them .. this includes me . Selalu kena marah dengan ayah " He keeps saying... 'kakak use your common sense' . Don't get me wrong ..... saya tau bnyk yang pernah rasa apa yang saya rasakan . To be dragged down and insulted , the insecurities , your pride stomped on, to feel discriminated ,to feel yourself is unworthy for all of your friends and you feel that you're  the most evil person in the world .

There will come a time , where we'll just feel down and alienate ourselves for the world . We just need sometime alone to figure things out . For me , I like to express my feelings by hanging out , being crazy with my bestfriend , writing on my blog and listening to instrumental songs and be alone , looking through old pictures and just be silent . But remember. after all of that you need to held up your chin up high and smile . Be strong , act like nothing happened .  Think of your loved ones , untuk saya.... Bila saya sedih dan kecewa . I like to think about my dad , Mohamed Nasir Bin Abdul Hamid.  He's the most patient and strong person I have ever encountered in my whole life , he's my admirable Idol .

He silently supports me from behind when I was small till I'm eighteen . He'll always be mad at me , but with relevant reasons . He's the one that  teaches me how to be ├»ndependent" and not to put on "high hopes" to other people. He always notice when I'm sad or down and tries to cheer up by pinching my cheeks and treating me to ice cream. Eventhough, he's really busy with his work . Kakak tahu , Daddy kerja keras semua sebab family , for us all kan ? Daddy nak family daddy hidup senang . Oh dear , my tears are falling... Nanti bila kakak dah besar , dah kerja ..... turn kakak pulak jaga daddy and all the family .... He's a very admirable person , he works hard until late hours, yet he still spend his free time with the family . He's funny and likes to joke around dan dia sangat  tak suka menyusahkan orng lain eventhough how hurt , sick he is , kalau dia masih mampu untuk lakukan sesuatu perkara  tu , he will do it ....Guess... that is where I got my attitude , I inherited it from my dad .

There's another person I admire is my beautiful mother ,Siti Noraishah Azizan . She's a very strict mother when it comes to education and manners. She's a very strong willed and very respected person . She's charismatic and very high educated . She loves to read and share stuff . Sometimes , her lovable charms shows . where she can be really funny . But when she takes a job or being a mother , she takes is with responsibility . She's not that pro in IT like my dad , I usually help her :') Haihh , mummy..mummy.... sometimes I just smile looking at her  . I miss my parents a lot , there I said it . Honestly , I tend to feel awkward to be "manja" with my mum , but that changed since I went to smesh . We're both are trying to warm up to each other more .. day by day.. She's very supportive like my dad but sometimes dia cepat gelabah ... Hahah , That's another trait I inherited . But she's very confident in everything she does and .....I am slowly trying to become like her one day. Sorry mummy , Kakak ni pemalu bila depan orang ramai . But I will overcome it one day .

So, remember dear friends , He will not give us and obstacles that we can't handle alone.. & every existence in this world has their own purpose .

                        And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.

(Quran 51:56)

Protect your loved ones . Make them happy, Support them with all you got... because we all need each other in this world  just because we all are only human :')

              A bientot  mes amie ! That's all for now , 
Thank you for lending your eyes and sincere heart to read this entry :3