Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cloudy Days

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning earthlings :) 

Today is the 21st April 2013 . I was very happy yesterday , my friends were all around me and we laughed . we cried , we smiled together . It was the best day this year for me , where I can scream and have fun like a little 5 year old girl . Where you don't care who looks at you , what they think about you and etc . It was a valuable memory that I'll keep for the rest of my lives . Thanks to Abby , Piqa , Lala , Bebet , Amy , Fifi , Shanti and Kamal and others  for cheering me up . I Love you all so much :)

I know what is happening right now is for my own good and it is the best for me . I know it is . I'm not mad .  I am just hurt . Well , we can't stop feelings right ? we have to endure and accept .I will be okay in a few days  . I remember talking to someone if we ended up like this , it would change me in different ways :) hehehe . Don't worry la , the change is too a good way . So . here I am smiling and at the same time the feeling of  regret overpowers me . 

I will focus on my studies after this . No phone , No movies , No laptops and such . This is for my future and   I want to be successful . I have too be strong in any condition I am . Even when I feel weak and helpless , I still have to fight it . I don't know what will happen in the future . I just know that i have to act now .  Whenever i feel sad and hopeless , I have to remember that He is testing me in many ways and He just wants us to be closer to him , He guides us :) 

You there , i know you're reading this , stalking me silently :p haha .
Take care okay? Eat well , you're getting thinner everytime we meet , be neat always . Man up dude .Be safe always and don't forget to eat your medicine okay ? I can handle myself alone . Don't worry :)
I'll miss you loads okay and last of all . I Love you ...

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