Friday, 8 February 2013

A new hobby :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)
hey there ! Nadia Amira here , heeee , budak asrama yg baru balik ? :) yeahhh , that's me !

The title, "A new Hobby .  Nadia Amira has officially has a new hobby and that is writing .

Write about anything you want and anything you feel . you could express everything in words plus you could improve your english too . I start to intrest in writing when i read a Chicken Soup book , you should read one of these . There are the best ! It can make you scream , cry and smile of happiness by just sentences . It touches your heart directly and deeply. With words you can make a person more highly spirited and more motivated . You can practically do anything with words , you just need to write with your heart and express what you feel . I write honestly and so my words are true . I am just an ordinary girl that writes to express her inner emotions . is that wrong ? I like to write it out this way than writing in a diary . Its safer and helps me a lot as i am not myself for these couple of days ,  So would you like to read my entries that i have made manually during my days in boarding school  ? 

If you want , then wait patiently for my next entry okay ? 
 Be safe and stay cute .
Will be writing very soon ! 

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